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CalTech Learning Centre operates with the sole purpose of providing continuous adult learning for young adults with developmental disabilities after they graduate from high school. We offer a full life skills program designed to enhance skills and confidence for independent or partially-assisted living.

Our daily programs include language arts, science and math. We also teach our students about their community, their environment and how to be involved and productive members of society. We teach healthy living practices and a variety of interest topics that the students show a desire to learn more about. We continually promote good organizational habits, time management, responsibility, manners, courtesy, teamwork and friendship – habits that are imperative in all facets of life. This will help our students find their place in any professional or social environment. 

More About Us

Our Programs

Science Program

Our science program provides students with safe scientific practices, experiments, and procedures. Like the art program, we let our students explore their curiosities.

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Creative arts program

Art is one of the few outlets we have to truly express ourselves without conformity or restraint. Art is about freedom, creativity, diversity and the application of...

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Life skill program

Our life skills program is reinforced in every program we teach, from healthy living practices and exploring our individuality through artistic endeavours to...

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Expert teachers

Caltech Learning Centre teachers are dedicated, reliable and most importantly terrific. They encourage the students to explore and crate daily.

Cooking program

Students don’t just engage with their creative skills using paint brushes and blank canvases. We also create in the kitchen. Our cooking program is offered...

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Summer program

Our summer program helps to keep our students together and engaged in between school terms. Activities range from mini golf to movies, bowling...

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Our classroom is equipped with laptops for students to use for research assignments and for leisure during breaks. The laptops are set up by the students themselves

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Physical education

Physical education is just as important for mental health as it is for physical health. Our physical education program seeks to keep our students active...

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CalTech is conveniently located next door to the Mississauga Valley Public Library, where our students often go to find resource material for their research...

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Children's Services - Child Care Subsidy
Province of Ontario, Ministry of Education

Sites for Students:

Toronto Zoo
Royal Ontario Museum
Ontario Science Centre
Bill Nye The Science Guy


Children's Mental Health Ontario
Childcare Canada